STUDENT REACH OUT 👾 : prononcer "ILLE"

Dear @carol_tift

concerning your question about the pronunciation of words in “ILLE”… it might be easier than expected!

La règle générale pour les mots écrits avec “ILLE” est de les prononcer (ij), comme famille, fille, grille…

Les seules 3 exceptions sont les mots VILLE, TRANQUILLE et MILLE et leurs dérivés.
Ces mots sont prononcés (vil), (trankil) et (mil).

That’s it !
The ground rule of pronunciation comes in fact from the transition/transformation from latin to french. All those words were written “LIA” in latin, like familia (famille in FR) or filia (fille in FR). The evolution of the graphic went from to “LI” to “LL” but stayed pronounced (ij). Later on all words entering french language, even if not from latin, followed this rule.
Only those 3 exceptions stayed !

J’espère que cela t’aidera, merci pour ta question !
all the best

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Merci, Bassano. Pas trop difficile.

Very interesting, @Bassano! Indeed, this sound is confusing for many students.
Now we know the rule :grinning:!

Indeed ! A bientôt et bon week-end!

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Thanks @Leocadie, happy to share. Thanks to Carol question i got to check the “rule”, i did not realised they were only those 3 exceptions haha !

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