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Hello Chatterbug community!

If my organization is offering the serious plan for me which is 8 live lessons per month and then I finish those 8 before the end of the month and i want to do more live lessons, is that even possible?

I’m trying to do that but it keeps telling me that i need my own personal subscription… is it not possible to just use the organization subscription and then if 8 live lessons are exceeded just pay for the extra lessons?

Thank you!


Hi @PeterHaddad , thank you for reaching to us. :blush:

I will let our support team know about this issue. As soon as I get and answer, I’ll get in contact with you.


Hey Peter, thanks for your question. You can indeed take more Live Lessons than the 8 offered by your employer, but yes - you’ll need a personal subscription for this.

What I’d suggest is subscribing to the Lite Plan which includes one Live Lesson. Any Lessons you take beyond this will be charged to you privately as extra lessons. You can then cancel the Lite Plan if you don’t want to do the same thing next month.

Alternatively you could ask your employer to pay for additional lessons - if they accept we can enable these in your company account, and anything you take beyond the 8 included Lessons would be charged to your employer as extra lessons.

Hope that helps! Let me know if anything’s unclear.


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Hi @tjohnson thank you for your reply!

Just to make sure, if I do take the Lite version as personal subscription do I lose the serious plan that my employer is offering me?

Thank you!

Nope, both subscriptions run alongside each other :slight_smile: