Substantive question


when I use Chatterbug for daily words it tests me and an example would be ‘secret’.
If I reply with the answer ‘Geheim’ then Chatterbug marks that as wrong.

If I look up ‘secret’ in the dictionary it comes back with lots of adverbs, and the most popular one seems to be ‘Geheim’. However, the dictionary also has a section marked ‘Substantive’ and that lists ‘Geheimnis’.

I’m wondering what is the difference then, between Geheim and Geheimnis? I think my real question though is a definition for the Substantive.

Many thanks for help in advance.


“geheim” is an adjective, while “das Geheimnis” is a substantive

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Hi Christopher,
you already got the answer from @SKrausser concerning the grammatic differences.
“das Geheimnis” = a secret, a mystery
Maybe more information about how to use the substantive in context helps you with the definition of the substantive

Hope that helps?

PS: Sorry that the last live lesson finished 5 minutes to early :confused:. …not really sure what happened

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Great, thanks :grinning:

:grinning: Yes, thanks.