Suggestion for a stream

Hello hello English Streamers and Happy Friday! :blush:

I’ve just had a student ask me about the various uses of “of”, “for” and “from”.
The student mentioned that she cannot always figure out which one should be used when speaking about time.
I thought this could be a great stream which I could then do a Study Group on. :star_struck:


Totally, that’s a great topic idea, @ChereeKr. I’ve just passed it on to @rynmnfrd and @danielle from our Learning Experience Team.

Let us know if you can think of anything else!

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Hey @ChereeKr ! Thanks for the suggestion. Adding it the the streams queue now. :relaxed:


Super! Thanks so much for your awesome streams @danielle :blush:

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I also want to make a suggestion, I hope I found a good topic for this :slight_smile:
Often in german segment you make collaborations with some people from internet. My suggestion is EasyGerman (this is channel on YouTube) - for me personally it would be awesome to see Manuel or Janusz or Cari on some of your streams. And also you can make advertisements for each other. Why did this idea come to my mind? Because they live in Berlin too - so maybe it can be easy, I think