Summer Plans 2021

Hi Community!

I think it would be nice if we would exchange our plans for this summer.

Are you trying to enjoy the slow lifting of covid restrictions? Or are you still rather cautious due to the pandemic?

I for myself am enjoying being a new mom to my second baby and hanging out with my mother who is here in mexico for 2 months to help us settling into being a family of 4 :slight_smile:

Here in Baja California we get up to 50 degrees Celsius in July/August so we try to protect ourselves from the heat and the sun but after 5p.m. you can usually find us sitting in the shade eating Mangoneadas and Carne Asada :slight_smile:

Have a great summer and happy language learning!!



Hi @Lari1108

Congratulations :heart_eyes: :partying_face: :raised_hands: And how cool that your mom could visit, that is precious.

Wow! It is super hot over there :hot_face:, but at least the Carne Asada and Mangoneadas sounds awesome :smile:.

I’m in Germany and although things are more relax with COVID, I’m still quite cautious. I do not have many plans for this summer, but it is okay sometimes to be spontaneous. For example, next weekend, I will stay in a circus caravan :yum:.

The weather here is quite weird, it has been raining a lot and not so sunny, but it is okay :sweat_smile:, we still have some good days.

Thank you, for bringing up such a great topic and bringing us closer as a community during this time. I’m sure my colleagues @SKrausser @Amandine and @JoAnn would like to share something as well.

Enjoy this special time :baby: :hugs::happyllama:.


Hi Lari :cherry_blossom:
Congratulations to your second baby! It’s the best to have ones mom around when you become a mom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Enjoy your time with her and let her pamper you :wink:
Here in Chile it’s winter right now…and it’s a strange winter!!! We get rain and storm, but no snow so far…My daughter has 3 weeks of winter holidays and the only thing she wants to do, is to try her new pink sled :sled:I keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get a little bit of snow…
We just finished an 8 week quarantine…we’re quite cautious, but we’re lucky, to have many places around here for walks. And we have a new Raclette oven, so we enjoy Swiss winter food :yum:
Which word do they use in Baja California for baby? Here they say bebé or guagua :blush:
Enjoy your summer with your mom and your family :cherry_blossom:



Mhm, that’s a good question. We wanted to visit my parents in Germany after some years. But we wait until we get completely vaccinated. And then, let’s see what happens…
But, honestly, we are a bit careful and avoid being among crowds.


Hello Lari,

first of all, congratulations on your second child :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Finally, after a year in September, I would like to travel to Germany to meet my sons and parents. I hope it works and nothing comes up :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I also wish you all a nice summer and nice conversation partners :sunflower: :strawberry: :watermelon: :tropical_drink:



Hey @Lari1108!!

It’s a great topic, it’s true that we are not all at the same season (and not all on vacation haha!). Congratulations for your baby, enjoy these good moments with your family ! :heart_eyes:

Here in Brittany we are enjoying the reopening of the bars and restaurants, and this week I received a student from Chatterbug :catbee:, it was very cool to do some “live” live lessons haha!!


Congrats @Lari1108 on the new baby! :hugs: We have two children, and although they’re teens now ( :sob: :sob:) I remember just how tricky it was to manage two children at first! It seemed like a constant effort to coordinate the two of them!

We’ve been very cautious with travel, despite having had the vaccine for many months, and have only taken trips by car. But, I recently planned a trip to Paris – this August! I wanted to visit a friend, practice my French all day long, and just see the city I love so much. It’s verrrrry different from the city that I live in currently.

I realize that August is not the ideal time to visit Paris, since many locals are likely to be on holidays themselves. But, hopefully it will still be wonderful! And, I would be delighted to meet up with any Chatterbuggians who might be there – the rosé is on me! :grin:


Hi @Lari1108,

great :smiley:. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :wave: :baby:
As for my plans?..well I’ll be glad once summer is over :joy:. Too hot/humid and changeable for me. I prefer spring or fall.
…but yes it was nice to be able again to meet with a friend in a Cafe here in Berlin-Wedding.



Great topic, @Lari1108 and congratulations on your second child :blush:

I planned to visit Spain and Turkey this summer, but the Covid numbers are not looking so good. :confused: I will definitely be taking some time off to celebrate finishing my Bachelor’s, though! :woman_student:t5:

Wishing you all a nice summer as well! :sunny:


Haha, what a cool adventure! Will you also be performing or moving around with the circus? :circus_tent:


jejeje it’s actually only a decoration topic, so it is a caravan with all the circus theme but not an actual circus :sweat_smile:.



Like many people I am trying to enjoy the summer and make up for the little vacation of last year. As I am currently living in Turkey, I am trying to jump into the sea as often as possible :slight_smile:

Many greetings,


PS: probably nothing for the weather in California, but in case your mother gets bored and she likes crocheting here is an idea:


oh thank you, she brought like 3 bags of wool and is making sweater after sweater hahahaha


:joy::+1:…you / she can find many more instructions on this website :wink:


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Hello Larissa @Lari1108,
Congratulations on your baby and thanks for starting this discussion :blush:
I am in South Australia in the middle of winter. :upside_down_face: So Corona fears are more prominent than in warmer months. Yesterday we entered a 7 day snap lockdown. There are 5 regional cases of the Delta strain and the strategy here is to go hard and to go early. So we snuggle up inside and make the best of reading, streaming, cooking and home improvement :sweat_smile:
Best wishes around the globe, Anke