Tenses - to learn!

Hello to everyone!
Is there anyone, who can recommend a good summary to learn the English tenses. I would like to have a register, which I can put on the fridge.
Thanks for your help!

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Hello Daniela
When I refreshed my English I bought from PONS “Grammatik auf einen Blick”. I find it very helpful. It’s a lot of information, but it’s quick to look something up. It costs about 5 Euro. You can also find some english tenses overviews in pdf in the internet to print out.
Hope this helps you :upside_down_face:



Hi @Danielaxxx

Great question! Thank you for posting!

I’m not too sure how much detail you are wanting, but here is a nice overview. :smiley:

I hope it helps! :eyes:


Hello Bettina!
Thank you for your interesting response. I think it is very helpful, but you are right, it´s quite a lot of information. It seems to be an “All in one - Package” ;-)))

All the best for you!
Ciao Danielaxxx

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Hallo ChereeKr!
Thank you for your kind response. I think this is a very short overview. I love short overviews, the shorter the better. I try this one on my fridge.
Thanks ;-))) Danielaxxx