The big question : ¿Ser o estar?

The use of the verbs “ser” and “estar” is always something that brings a lot of doubt :thinking:. It is common to say that the verb “ser” is used to talk about permanent situations or attributes and that the verb “estar” is used to indicate temporary states and locations. Nevertheless, it goes beyond those characteristics. Here I would like to share with you an image that will help you to know when exactly to use “ser” o “estar”:hugs:.

In order to remember all of them I have a trick for you all :wink:. For the verb “ser” you can use the word DOCTOR :
Descriptions, Occupations, Characteristics, Time, Origin, and Relationships.

And for the verb “estar” the word PLACE:
Position, Location, Action, Condition, and Emotions.

I hope this will help all of you to understand the differences. Still, if there are any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment :hugs:.


Estoy muy agradecido por esa explicación :grinning:

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No hay de qué @SKrausser :slightly_smiling_face:.

Seguro que no es fácil :woman_facepalming: but I’ll try to remember your tip, gracias Sandra!!

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No hay de qué Amandine :relaxed:. Recuerda la practica hace al maestro :hugs: !


What a great tip! I’ve never heard of the acronyms “DOCTOR” and “PLACE” to explain “ser” and “estar”, that’s so handy! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:


Pleasure :grinning: @Maddy11.

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