The Chatterbug Mobile App

We’ve released an updated version of our mobile app that focuses on making our curriculum, and your progress within it, easier to navigate.

This means that you’ll be able to read about grammar topics and vocabulary in your past, present, or upcoming levels.

Of course, you’re still able to self-study and manage your upcoming Live Lessons.

Install the Android or iOS mobile app.


The new mobile app is amazing!! Great work @peterp and team :slight_smile: .

Do we need a certain type of phone? On my iPhone 5, the app doesn´t start and I would love to be able to review my schedule on the run :slight_smile:

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Hi @catsini , @peterp told me that they are fixing the application at the moment for users that are tutors only (and not students or tutors and students at the same time). The fix should be out soon, so you should be able to use app soon. :slight_smile:


I have been using it since the release on iOS and it looks great. It was a huge improvement.
The only bug that I found was that since the update to iOS13, editing is not possible when you write two words, and want to correct the first one.