The city of your dreams? 🏙💫

Hello German Learners :hugs:

Last week I went on a city trip to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna with friends. (you might have noticed by my availability, I was offline during that time). Vienna has been one of my favorite cities since I was a kid, the architecture and the vibe the city spreads off is just awesome to me and really makes me wanna move there.

But I would be interested; If you could travel just one more time in your life, where would you go and why? What’s the city of your dreams?

:arrow_forward:My favorite cities so far are Paris, San Francisco and Vienna.
:arrow_forward:But if I could visit just one more place in my life, I would definitely go to NYC!

I’m interested to hear about your choice! :relaxed:

:uk: The City of your Dreams
:de: Die Stadt deiner Träume


I had the opportunity to live in Montreal (Canada) a few years ago and this city is definitively my favourite city. I loved its multiculturalism, its cultural offer, the amazing natural parks around it… I’m looking forward to going back anytime in the future :slight_smile:


I’ve heard so many good things about Montreal from friends! Sounds absolutely amazing that you got the chance to live there for a while :star_struck:

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Really Montreal? I don’t like Montreal at all. Two days ago it was -18 here so it is pretty damn cold which is definitely okay. You get used to it. Maybe because I never go out I don’t know what I miss in Montreal :laughing: But naah, I don’t like Montreal.

My favorite city so far was Tel Aviv. The food and scenery was amazing. Second was Jerusalem due to its historical significance. Hope I can live in Israel in the future.

In my opinion, everyone has a different experience in each city. I don’t like Vienna for example, but it’s because of some incidents I had there, and I’m sure Lia’s experience was very different from mine. I have a friend who lives in Canada, and she loves it! It’s cold :cold_face: but the people and the landscapes you can see are amazing. I agree with @pedrogalher I would love to explore Montreal as well. And NYC is also one of my dreams @Lia12 :hugs:. But definitely the city of my dreams is Barcelona :orange_heart:. I was there in 2014 and would love to visit it again soon!


This is a tough one! I think I have many favorite cities.

  • San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart because of the years that I lived there. I know that city has changed exponentially, but I will always have my memories.
  • I really loved NYC and could totally see myself living there
  • Singapore for it’s lux
  • Chiang Mai for it’s food, culture, and people
  • The island of Sardinia for it’s beaches
  • Lisbon for it’s architecture
  • Copenhagen for it’s style
  • And the list goes on…

Okay, Backnang is not the most beautiful city on earth. But I was born and raised there, so it will always be “my city”. Apart from that, I love those towns or little cities in Germany with their historic feeling, like Schwäbisch Hall, Ludwigsburg or Esslingen. It’s just different to live in a rather historic city with its unique spirit than living in a “modern” big metropolis where you can’t really say where you are, because it’s the same kind of architecture and lifestyle as in hundreds of similar cities.


Schwäbisch Hall is so beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:. And Esslingen’s Christmas Market is just something one should definitely see!

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I totally agree with you @27sp.sandra! Everyone has its own experiences and connotations to specific citys or places and that’s okay. And ahhh Barcelona… its also has my heart! :heart_eyes:

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@SKrausser I had to google Backnang since I’ve never heard it before and wow, this city looks absolutely beautiful! The facades are unique and look very historic and german!
In Austria some popular and very historic places are for example Hall in Tirol, Hallstatt and of course Salzburg!

If some of you are wondering about the word ,Hall’’ in the city-names: The word has it’s origin in 6th century when the ,Bajuwaren’’ have been living in Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol (Italy). ,Hall’’ means ,Salt’’ (= Salz :de:), so Salt Mines have been in these cities in the past. :salt:


This question really got me thinking @Lia12! I visited Iceland a couple of years ago and really lost my heart there. If I could, I would love to go back. There is just something about the landscape and beauty that cannot be described. An amazing magical place! :heart_eyes:


Hi Lia,
hope you´re doing well. I think my favorite city is San Sebastían (Spain). I only had the chance to be one time there (five years ago), but luckily I was the time enough to convince myself of this. The reason is that it has a vast variety of places to go, and many daily activities to do. In summer, you can visit the beach (top attraction by far =)), go around the city center, visit museums, and learn about its history and multiculturalism.

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