Tips for improving grammar?

Since reaching C level classes, I feel like I’m learning lots of new words and phrases, but still making many grammatical mistakes. I get corrected by my tutors, but I don’t really think I’m making progress on my grammar. What recommendations do you have, beyond re-reading the “rules”, to help improve? How can I better recognize when I’m wrong?


@stefilios Recently, I noticed that one of my students improved his grammar a lot during the last months (we didn’t see each other for about 8 months). I asked him, how he made that. And he told me that for professional reasons he has to read a lot.
Maybe that can also help you: Read a lot in German.
Also writing texts is helpful. We correct your texts and you can have a look why there is a certain correction.


That’s a good point, I certainly could do some more reading. Maybe when I’m doing my morning overview of the news I’ll use dw or der spiegel.

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That’s a really great tip, @SKrausser.

@stefilios if you’re interested in reading in German more, you might want to take a look at this thread: Read in German! Books, Newspapers, Magazines
There, among other things, I also recommend the page NachrichtenLeicht. It’s a free homepage that gets updated once a week. It covers the most recent German news, cultural topics, and even sports - everything made for level A2 - B2.


Thanks for the links!

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