Traffic News - Vokabulary

Great, @aras28!
Can you form sentences using those words?


Um Ehrlich zu sein, Nein. Man strebt.

Versuch es! Just try it!

@aras28 Thanks for sharing this vocabulary list!

I’m an English tutor, and I have an activity for you. Why don’t you try to complete these sentences using the correct vocabulary from your list? (Be careful, you may need to conjugate the verbs!)

  1. I know there will be traffic on the way home because there has been a big car accident, it was _ _ _ _ on the radio this afternoon.

  2. It is illegal to use a mobile _ _ _ _ while driving.

  3. You should _ _ _ _ lots of children walking around a school zone and drive extra carefully.

  4. Careful! I can see a truck _ _ _ _ .

  5. The sign showing a person walking _ _ _ _ pedestrians.