Tutor Feedback

We appreciate that you put your best foot forward and try to offer the students the best learning experience possible. To help you understand if your students enjoy the lessons as much as you do, we send regular feedback to our tutors. This is in addition to the tutor level, which is based on objective and quantifiable data collected to track tutors’ reliability.

What does it include?

The tutor feedback email includes the following statistics:

  • The total number of students you have met and total number of Live Lessons tutored.
  • The total number of students who marked you as one of their favorite tutors.
  • Your overall positive rating. This number is based on a rolling window of your last 100 Live Lessons and represents the number of students who indicated with a “thumbs up” that they would like to work with you again after a Live Lesson.
  • A rating of how friendly and encouraging the students experienced you in the lessons.
  • A rating of how students found your sound quality and setup.
  • Your current tutor level. You can find more information on Tutor Levels here, in case you want to look at that again.

When do I receive feedback?

You will receive feedback after around 20, 60, 100, 150 and 200 Live Lessons. After that, as an active tutor, you receive monthly feedback. If the tutor management team feels like you need to improve in a certain area, they will reach out to you to support you.


  • The numbers in this email don’t influence your tutor level. However, the number of students who favorited you can influence how often you are booked for lessons.
  • The feedback is anonymized, so you won’t know which student left the ratings.

How can I improve the numbers?

If you have questions about the numbers, you are always welcome to reach out and ask for more information. Additionally, you can find lots of resources that can help you improve: