Tutor Training Courses

Training Courses about Chatterbug features, pedagogics and professional development as a tutor. More information coming soon!

Training Platform

All trainings can be accessed here. If you don’t have access yet, stay tuned! You will be invited, soon.

Who has access?

All tutors who have joined us after May 2020 went through the Onboarding Courses and have access to our training platfrom already. If you don’t have access yet, you will be invited soon.


Currently, we have the following courses available for selected tutors:

  • Tutor Onboarding Course Pt. I - new tutors are assigned before the training lesson with a Chatterbug team member
  • Tutor Onboarding Course Pt. II - new tutors are assigned after they have tutored their first 20 Live Lessons
  • Tutor Best Practices - selected tutors are invited