Units Order - Live Lesson vs My Course View

It seems that the units order is different depending on the view you select.

For example for my live lesson I would like to select the unit 4 from the “My Course”

But when I’m trying to customize my live lesson and choose the unit 4. The unit 4 has different content and title:

Am I missing something here?


Hi @ifotopoulos, thanks for posting this question on the Forum!

When you select ‘Customize’ to change your lesson plan, you see a long list of units to choose from. The Units 1 - 3 at the top fo this list are from your current level, A2. The units that appear after that in the list are from the previous level, A1 (marked in the red box below).

The Unit 4 that you see at the bottom of this list - “Über die Familie sprechen” - is from level A1, that’s why the name doesn’t match what you are seeing on your My Course page.

If you would like to customize your lesson to avoid taking a Review Lesson with exercises you have already seen, I recommend selecting Unit 3 “Vergleiche machen”.

We apologise for the confusion here! We have recently released our new student interface, and we appreciate hearing your questions and feedback so we can make improvements. We understand it would be helpful to mark the level next to each unit name.

You should also be able to select units from above your current unit in My Courses, in order to progress faster. We will look into this and try to make some adjustments!

Thanks again,

Madelyn and the Chatterbug Team


Dear Madelyn,

Thanks for prompt reply and support. I selected Unit3 as per your recommendation but this option actually forces me to repeat the exercises I just have done in the previous course. If I select to skip an exercise I don’t even have the option to replace it:

Hi @ifotopoulos,

Hmm, there seems to be a problem here. I’m sorry you weren’t able to customize your lessons as you hoped to. We’ll ask our engineers to take a look at this.

Thank you for bringing this our attention! We will get in touch with you privately to work out a solution for this issue.

Madelyn and the Chatterbug Team

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