'unread' in the instructions

Posts are considered UNread if you created them or browsed them? Surely you mean that they are READ under those circumstances?. Is this just a typo?

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Thank you for your question, feedback is always welcome.
I apologize, if I don’t fully understand what you are referring to. If the problem lies with the labeling of post here in the community forum as either “READ” or UNREAD", there is unfortunately not much we can change about that appearance, as the forum is using a software called discourse and their user interface, that chatterbox is unable to change. So unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you do however have more feedback and or recommendations, feel free to keep posting. We appreciate your input.


I am quoting something I thought you’d know since it is in the instructions to users from the “chatbot” advanced ‘tutorial’. Understand now? Well even if not, perhaps you cd answer my implied question: When is a post considered ‘read’ for the purposes of searches, and how are your own posts treated within that?

Hi @pennybug !

As I understand, a post is considered “read” after you clicked on it. When somebody posts a new reply under a post, it changes to “unread” again (it appears bold in the forum). There might be more to it though, I’m not a discord expert.

You can use the filter option in the search bar to narrow your search. The short is in: + filter. E.g. “in:mine” for your own posts, or “in:unseen” for all the posts you haven’t checked out yet.

If you type in: into the search bar you see all filter shorts in a dropdown below.

You can also use the full search site and use the advanced filter options to narrow down your results.

Just in case you ask what unread means regarding searches of other users: “unread” always means that you haven’t read it, at least not since something new has been added to the discussion or post - it doesn’t mean that other users haven’t seen it.