User Challenge of April 2021

Wow, congratulations you all and thank you for sharing so many songs!!

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April is already upon us, it’s time for a new challenge!

:seedling: :arrow_right: Can you describe your house?

:deciduous_tree: :arrow_right: Can you tell us how your perfect house should be? Or what you would like to have in your house that you don’t?

:loudspeaker: Don’t forget that you have two options to do this challenge:
:seedling: the easy option, and
:deciduous_tree: the more difficult option.

Good luck!
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Je vis dans une petite maison avec un petit jardin. La maison est blanche. Le toit est rouge-brun. Il comporte trois pièces sur deux étages. J’aime les plantes, j’ai beaucoup dans chaque pièce. En été, il y a des tournesols dans le jardin. :sunflower:



:seedling: Mi casa tiene dos pisos y un ático. Ella ubica en una puebla cerca de Heidelberg en Alemania. Fuera la casa tiene un garaje y jardín. En el jardín plantamos menta, lavanda y flores. El interior la casa tiene cuatro dormitorios, dos baños, una sala de estar, un comedor, una cocina y un jardín de invierno (winter garden?). Mi casa no está muy grande, pero muy cómoda y perfecta para mi y mi familia.



When we talk about objects we usually don’t use “ella” or “él” as these pronouns are for people. I would say: Esta está ubicada or Está ubicada :slight_smile: People will know you are talking about your house.

  • un pueblo…
  • Afuera la casa tiene…
  • En el interior…
  • winter garden: invernadero
  • Mi casa no es muy grande (verbo ser : characteristic)
  • para mí (con tilde porque describe tu opinión (For me, it’s perfect))

Muy bien @JoAnn :raised_hands: :blush:.


:deciduous_tree: Ich möchte gerne eine große Wohnung haben, die eine gutes Ausblick hat. Für mich ist es wichtig, dass die Wohnung modern und hell aussieht. Vielleicht könnte die Wohnung auch in der Nähe von einem Fluss sein, aber das ist nicht notwendig. Ich möchte eine Wohnung mit einem schönen Ausblick. Die Wohnung sollte keine kleine Küche haben und kein kleines Badezimmer.



muchas gracias, @27sp.sandra!


My house is already very nice. But it could be more isolated, because it tends to be very cold inside. I also would like to have some kind of heating in it. I know that I live a very sustainable and eco-friendly live, but at times it’s just too cold inside :cold_face:
I would also have more time to care for my garden and plant more flowers.


Hey, @SKrausser! Great text!

Just a few corrections:

  • I think you mean insulated. Isolated means to be alone or far away from other places, buildings, or people.

  • live :arrow_right: life. Life is the noun and live is the verb (to live).


Thanks @JoAnn! :clap:t4:

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Bravo @kjanina ! Ta maison a l’air adorable ! :house_with_garden:
J’adore les tournesols moi aussi :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:

Two small things : “maison” is feminine so “Elle comporte trois pièces”
Et “J’aime les plantes, j’en ai beaucoup” (ou “il y en a beaucoup”) :herb:

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@kjanina On dirait que tu as une maison française typique, du pays basque !


My house:
At first I want to say, that a house is not only a house more than this it is a home. It is the place where you belong and your loved ones live with you. When things go wrong you can hide there and feel comfortable.
I life in a house with a garden behind. It is a nice yellow house. Above the front door is a painting, that shows the sunrise. I like it very much. We have a big kitchen and a large living room. On our terrace we can play table tennis even when it rains. But you have to sit in the rain because there is not enough space for table tennis and for a table with chairs. We had to decide and we prefered table tennis.
Ciao Danielaxxx