User Challenge of February

Good morning, Guten Tag, Buenos Días, and Bonjour!

A new month has started and so has the new challenge. Are you ready?

Since February is the month filled with many film festivals and award ceremonies, we would like you to:

1. :clapper: Watch a movie in a foreign language :clapper:

2. :writing_hand: Tell us the story of the movie or give us your opinion about it :writing_hand:

Enjoy, Viel Spaß im Kino, Disfruta la película, Bon film!

:movie_camera: :film_strip: :popcorn:


Here’s some movie recommendations in case you still need some inspiration what to watch:

:de: Film or TV show recommendations for beginners
:de: 30 Jahre Mauerfall - Filme und Serien

:fr: French movies to watch

:es: Film/Series recommendation


You will find some recommendations for movies in Spanish here as well :slight_smile:


Okay. I just saw the movie “Blockers”. Totally ridiculous and not very intellectually challenging but i have to admit, i havent laughed this hard watching a movie in a looooong time.
Its about 3 parents that want to prevent their freshly graduated children from losing their virginity during their prom night…
I will definitely post again about another movie. I am dying to see “scandal” but didnt get the chance to see it yet…