30 Jahre Mauerfall - Filme und Serien

Hey everyone,

It’s the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall! And @JohnChatterbug just published an interesting post about “How did the Berlin Wall fall?”.

So I thought I’ll pass on some movies and series covering the topic for those of you who are too far away to participate in all the activities going on in Berlin or the Berliners amongst you who simply prefer commemorate the anniversary on the sofa and underneath their blankets while it’s getting colder outside.

All of them are available in German, in case you want to watch them in German :de: :slight_smile: But most of them are available in English, too.



Viel Spaß! :clapper:

I’m happy to hear how you liked the movies or if you can recommend others!


I recommend “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cRes5QTNbo
The movie is called “Der Tunnel” (2001), based on a true story.
It’s not directly about the fall of the Berlin Wall, but about the construction :wink:


Vielen Dank, @kjanina! I will keep this list and try to watch them all :slight_smile:

While listening to a podcast about artists in the GDR and after a visit at the Akademie der Künste this weekend (photo exhibition from Helga Paris) I learned about Sascha Anderson, famous poet belonging to the Prenzlauer Berg artists scene, who was actually also a spy for the Staasi. A film/documentary was made to tell his story : Anderson - Anatomie des Verrats (2014)


Sounds super interesting, thanks @Laurena! I didn’t know this one.

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Those are alle great suggestions! Good Bye Lenin is, without a doubt, a masterpiece with beautiful takes and music.
One of my favourite films was “Sonnenallee” (1999), a romantic comedy for younger people. I should really watch it again!


These are classics. Love them. Adding to the list :

Never Look Away
Bonholmer Strasse
Wings of Desire

And a short series that came out quite a few years ago. Only three episodes.

Die Woelfe (Wolves of Berlin)