User experience scheduling questions from calendar


I have a question about the schedule calendar. Or rather two.

First, what is the meaning behind schedule blocks with a dark border and dimmed color? It would seem to indicate that more than one option is available at that time.

Second, when viewing my schedule through my “favorite tutors” list, There are dark borders around some tutor’s time blocks. If the dark borders indicate multiple options, I’m not sure how this is possible for single tutor?

Please see these screen captures for reference:

Thanks for all the help.

Hey @kthxbye!

So you are exactly correct in thinking that the bordered time slots mean there are more than one tutor available during that time. The time slots without the border, means there is only 1 tutor available during that time.

Regarding your 2nd question, this works the same way. During the time slot you are looking at, there are more than one tutor from your favorite’s list that are available, resulting in the dark border.

Does this make sense?

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Ah, yes it does, Megan.

I was looking at my schedule again this morning and realized that very thing. I was just about to write my own reply to close out this topic.

Thank you for helping out once again.

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