Viral videos for English practice!

In one of my recent Live Lessons with @Ellimaus, we talked about Viral Marketing.

It reminded me of a funny video on YouTube that went viral about a year ago called ‘Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self’. Check it out!

If you liked this video, you can find more of the 5-part series on Julie Nolke’s YouTube channel.

What would you say to your past self from 1 year ago?


What an awesome and funny video. True, nobody had an idea how drastically life changed in 2020.

I would say to my past self:
“Take it day by day and don’t give up! And encourage your friends as good as possible, they’ll need you.”


Julie Nolke’s videos are so great!

I would tell myself: “Don’t stop studying and practicing French just because you won’t be able to travel!” :grimacing:

Also: “No, you’re not going to the office, but you should still dress like it.” :joy:


Her videos are funny and so true!

I would tell myself: “You will learn a lot of new things, it will be hard but take it easy :sweat_smile: