"Weekly Goals Update" email

Hi there,

I really like the idea of the weekly emails, but right now they’re really taking a ‘hard sell’ approach which is uneccesary. I’ve decided what subscription I want, and that’s what I’ll stick to. I’m also doing additional study outside of Chatterbug, so constantly telling me I need more live lessons to achiev my goals is harsh and also ot true. I’m just going to unscubscribe from them.

I’d suggest changing them to actual progress stats? Words learned, miniutes studied, lessons done, excercises done, progress since the beginning etc. (and then sneak a little upsell in at the end)


Hello @kevinpc. Thank you very much for sharing with us this suggestion. I totally get how inconvenient can be once you already have a subscription that suits your needs. I will pass this along to our product team. I wish you a nice start to the week :sun_with_face:.


There’s also a similar issue on the homepage. It doesn’t make sense to show me this every time. My goal is not the same as my subscription.

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Thank you, @kevinpc for the comment about this issue as well. One option could be to adjust the goal when you click “view goals”. Still I will pass this along as well. Have a nice day :sun_with_face:.