Weisheit des Tages ( wisdom of the day )

…seen by a friend of mine in front of a church in Berlin Moabit

  • das Gähnen ( yawn )
  • der Hilfeschrei ( cry for help )

Stimmt!! I can not live without coffee anymore! It actually gives me a headache if I dont drink coffee in the morning. I am a slave to coffee. I am aware of it though and actively battling the addiction. Hahahaha

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@Lari1108 Do you know the brand ,Four sigmatic"?
It is a healthy alternative to regular coffee.
It tastes like coffee but has less caffeine and thanks to superfood mushrooms it gives you more energy. I like it :hugs: :coffee: Vielleicht wäre es was für dich?


No I dont know this brand thank you Kristyna! I will definitely try that once i arrive in europe :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting @Kristyna. I’ll try that too. Not sure though if I wanna ( can ) do without “real” coffee :thinking: :joy: