What If A Student Cancels Or Doesn’t Show Up To A Lesson?

It can happen that a student cancels a lesson, is late, or even misses the lesson completely. Here is what this means for you.

The student canceled

Whenever a student cancels their Live Lesson with you, you will be sent an email with a cancelation notification.

As soon as the lesson has been canceled by the student, you will be marked as available again and can confirm other appointments that are offered to you or are ‘up for grabs’ at that time. There is no guarantee that another appointment will be available to tutor at that time, that’s why we offer tutors compensation for student cancelations under some circumstances:

  • If the student cancels less than 90 minutes ahead of time, they will still be charged for the lesson and you will still be paid in full for the lesson.
  • If the student cancels more than 90 minutes ahead of time, but less than 24 hours ahead of time, they will be charged a partial fee and you will be paid 75% of the normal lesson amount.

Please have some patience with our payment system in these cases, as it can take a few hours to credit the mentioned amount to your earnings.

The student is late or misses the lesson

You are in the Waiting Room, ready for your Live Lesson, but your student doesn’t show up. There will appear a banner with a countdown of 10 minutes. Please stick around for some more time, to wait for him/her. If the student doesn’t show up within 10 minutes of the lesson start time, you can exit the lesson. The student will still be charged for the lesson, and you will still be paid for the missed lesson. It can take a few hours until the payment appears in your earnings.