What If Something’s Wrong With an Exercise?

You, as a tutor, experience our curriculum exercises with students firsthand. If you see something is wrong or could be improved, you can let us know during the Live Lesson via the “take a note” button.

We have a tremendous amount of exercises in our curriculums and the team is adding new exercises every day. We are always in the process of improving existing exercises and our tutor’s feedback plays a big role in this.

The take a note button is present on each exercise during a Live Lesson:

Feel free to drop us a message if you spot something wrong or if you feel like something should be improved. Your message will directly reach the Curriculum Team, who will review the exercise, maybe watch the replay and make the according changes.

Here are some things you could comment on:

  • Instructions: not clear, too long, typo, etc.
  • Additional help: answers for tutor needed, more info for tutor needed, help for student needed, etc.
  • Design: picture is confusing, picture too crowded, text on the picture too small, typo, etc.
  • Linguistic: other ways to say things
  • Layout: problem with student or tutor avatar, etc.
  • anything else you feel like commenting on

Of course, during the Live Lesson and with the student present, you don’t have too much time to write. It’s perfectly okay if you:

  • write in your mother tongue (the curriculum developers are all native speakers)
  • use abbreviations
  • are not too formal

Here are some examples of feedback we received:

As you can see, the Curriculum Team receives the comment attached to the exercise’s link, which makes it easy to find. We thank you in advance for leaving a note on the correct exercise.

We are aware of the fact that this system is not optimal and are working on another one that will allow you to add quicker notes.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding feedback on an exercise, feel free to reach us via the “Exercise Feedback” thread in the Tutors Only section on the Community Forum.

We thank you in advance for your time and collaboration.

The Chatterbug Curriculum Team

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What if I noticed something a bit off as a student? There doesn’t really seem to be a place for student feedback to the teachrs and developers.