What is the hardest sound for you to pronounce in German?

I think as a native English speaker, I have the hardest time with “ch” words. And the best word to totally screw up this pronunciation is… Eichhörnchen! lol

Curious what is the hardest sounds/words for you to pronounce and how you practice this pronunciation??


Okay, I’m actually not a German learner. But anyway I love the so-called “glottal stop”, a sound you have to pronounce, although it’s not written or shown in any way.
Try to find the difference in pronunciation between those two words:

  • verreisen (to travel away)
  • vereisen (to freeze)
    Yes, the second word has a glottal stop! It’s pronounced ver’eisen! Do you know more of those challenging words?

Ö/ü. I literally can’t hear the difference, so there’s now way for me to try and say the difference.


To me, I have difficulty to say the sound ch combined with z, as in “sechzehn” or “sechzig”. My tongue doesn’t like it. :crazy_face: