What is your morning routine?

:uk: What’s your morning routine?
:de: Was ist deine Morgenroutine?

Every morning, after getting up, I’m making coffee while my partner makes a fresh smoothie for us. Usually, I’m having some cereal, too. But sometimes, during the week, I don’t have enough time for that. On weekends, I love having a big breakfast, with scrambled eggs and fruit and whatnot. For me, having breakfast is a really important routine to start the day!


:uk: @ChereeKr is hosting a study group about moring routines - on Sunday morning! Join her if you can to chat about your morning routine. :slight_smile:
:de: @ChereeKr moderiert eine Lerngruppe zum Thema Morgenroutine - am Sonntagmorgen! Sei dabei, wenn du kannst, um auf Englisch über deine Morgenroutine zu sprechen.


My morning routine begins with making a pot of coffee and drinking coffee with my husband. During that time my kids usually wake up and I make breakfast for the 4 of us.
I usually have a sandwich in the mornings only on the weekends we have a really nice, big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, sausages and hash browns :smiley:

I would love to include exercise into my morning routine again but I have not found the time so far…


I usually start my morning with stretching :ok_woman:, a green smoothie :green_apple: and apple & cinnamon-porridge for breakfast :heart_eyes:


This is me in the morning:

Let’s just say I am not a morning person. :sweat_smile:
Once I finally manage to look alive, a healthy breakfast and a quick stretch is the order of the day! :grin:


I find that so funny. I have no problem getting up in the morning, does not matter how early. But I am absolutely useless and grumpy after 9pm, hahahaha