What kind of headphones, would you recommend?

I need some new headphones for live lessons. The problem is that there are so many options!

Can anyone recommend me a good pair of headphones, that are comfortable and preferably not that big in size?

  • They don’t need to be usable for regular use. (lifestyle)
  • Is Bluetooth/Wireless better? The need of constant charging might be a problem, not really sure…

Side Info: I am an iOs & Iphone user, so I also considered the AirPods, but they are quite an investment. Did anyone try the fakes? What are your thoughts about the originals or the fakes?


Hi #adritamoon,

I’m using just some simple cheap ones which work very well with our mac mini and the Logitech camera:

I also don’t like big and heavy headphones or ear plugs.
…my headphones are in black though :wink:

Hope that helped? :thinking:


I do have AirPods. Even though the mic is usually great, its quality gets pretty bad when it’s connected to the computer for unknown reasons, so I don’t use them.

I personally use the wired EarPods, which offer a good sound quality and the microphone is also really great.

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That’s great! I think I will also purchase similiar ones! I’ll buy some this week hopefully!

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Wow! Thank you so much for the information! I wouldn’t have known about the computer connecting issue!

So it’s definitely better to get the EarPods for my needs!

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