What would your favorite song sound like ... in German?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite song would sound like in German?

@Maddy11 and @Megan did a version of their favorite. Do you recognize it? :slight_smile:

What is you favorite song and how would you translate the title or refrain to German?


HAHAHAHA that is amazing!!! BACKSTREET BOYS I want it that way!!!


:joy: That’s a great duo!


What a great rendition of that song :grin::+1::+1: Never thought about how is would have sounded in German :joy:

There are even a few cases where artists have done this themselves.
One example of an artist adapting and singing their songs in German, as well as their native language, is Celine Dion. In her case, it’s French and German, and she manages to still sound just as wonderful.
My favorite examples are the German versions of “Mon ami m’a quittée” and her debut song “Ne partez pas sans moi”, although it’s impossible to beat the sound that the French language gives them in their original form.