When to use tercer, tercero, or tercera?

How do I know which of these to use for “third”? (I believe it is the same case for “first”.) Does this apply to other numbers also?


Hi @cmcopes. Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:
You’re right, the same happens with “first” and it doesn’t apply to other numbers.

"Tercer/primer” are used when you are talking about a masculine noun, and you place “tercer” or “primer” before the noun. Examples:

  • Vivo en el primer/tercer piso.
  • Hoy es mi primer día de trabajo.

“Tercero/primero” is used when you refer to a masculine noun and you don’t mention it in the sentence or phrase. Examples:

  • ¿En qué piso vives? – En el primero/tercero.
  • ¿Leíste todos los libros? - Solo leí el primero.

“Tercera/primera” are used when the noun is feminine. Unlike what happens with masculine nouns, you don’t use “tercer” or “primer” before feminine nouns. Examples:

  • Esta la primera/tercera vez que veo esta película.
  • Vivo en la primera/tercera casa a la derecha.

I hope I could answer your question. If you have any other questions, please let us know.