Where can I review past Live Lessons?

Practice makes perfect, so we created the Achievements page on Chatterbug to help you review past lessons whenever you need a refresher. Just click on “All Live Lessons” and you’ll be directed to your Live Lesson overview.

Achievements has a tally of what you recently learned on Chatterbug. The page is divided into 5 main sections where you can repeat the last exercise that you have done.

Live Lessons: if you opted for your Live Lessons to be recorded, this is where you’ll find those recordings. Repeat exercises you struggled with on your own time or rewatch video records of past lessons to assess your progress overtime. You can also rate your tutors here if you forgot to do so at the end of the lesson.

Flashcards: See how far you have come with your Self-Study. If you want to take a closer look on the vocabulary that you have studied, head to My Course and click on the individual units.

Media, Concepts, Writing Practice: these 3 sections show you the latest exercise that you have completed. You can review the last video that you may have found hard to understand on the first watch or freshen up your grammar knowledge.

Certificates: this section shows the language certificates that you’ve earned studying with Chatterbug.

Progress and stats: this section at the very top of your page shows you how far you’ve come and what’s left for you to achieve your goal. Here you can also see how many activities you’ve completed so far and how many hours in total you spent learning with Chatterbug.