Which languages do you offer?

Chatterbug courses are organized in language pairs and at the moment, we offer:

  1. a German, Spanish, and French course for English speakers
  2. a Spanish, French and English course for German speakers
  3. and an English course for Spanish speakers.

And we definitely won’t stop here, so stay tuned for more languages!


That’s good news, although I love the fact you offer some of the more common languages - I am looking forward to Portuguese (both Portugal / Brazil) and Japanese. But so far I like the platform and either recorded or live sessions - it gives it a real-feel environment and the teacher Altair is well spoke in my Native English as well (and cheerful).


Thank you, @Scruff56 for the feedback and suggestions :blush:!

We are very glad that you’re enjoying the platform :star_struck:. I’m sure @Altair is going to be happy to know you enjoy the Streams she gives and her happy energy :hugs:.

At the moment, Altair is not part of our tutors for the Live Lessons in Chatterbug :see_no_evil:, but here you can find a list of all of them, in case you want to take some Spanish lessons.

Have a nice day! Chao :happyllama:.

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Hi, there @Scruff56 … I’m so glad you like the work we do here at Chatterbug and at Chatterbug Streams.

Thanks for your kind works and I’m looking forward to seeing you in a future stream.

Nos vemos pronto.