Who can see lesson comments?

After a live lesson, I always leave comments, but I have never confirmed who sees them - does the lesson instructor see them, or just the Chatterbug staff? I often write assuming the tutor reads them as well.



Hey there, tutors actually don’t see the comments systematically. When you leave a comment, our support team sees it and if either a student or a tutor had an issue during the lesson, we help solve it.

But my colleague @kjanina, who works directly with tutors, also sends them an anonymized recap of student feedback once a month. This recap is an opportunity for us to share our students’ positive impressions with tutors and in some cases, underline some areas of improvement that some students may have pointed out.

The comments are completely anonymized and any references to specific lessons or students are not included. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their feedback honestly and we found that anonymizing the process is the way to go.

I hope this answers your question and ask away if you have more :blush:


Thank you @nicoleakakpo for the detailed answer! That’s really helpful and makes sense, thank you.

I’m really enjoying Chatterbug and the fantastic tutors here. I’m glad that they’re able to get (aggregate) written feedback!

Thanks and happy new year!