Working on my pronunciation


As we know, the pronunciation in English is very sensible… Maybe we know a lot of the vocabulary but their pronunciations are very hard to remember or working on it.
I’m watching the videos about pronouncing words but I’m not really able to discern the sounds and it’s complicated to try these sounds.

I’d like to know how can I working on my pronunciation and make it correctly and clearly ? I hope to know some of tips for making that’s easy😅?

I’m currently studying English with a group with a tutorial and this group is already going with American English but I prefer to learn British… so how can I manage it :disappointed:??

Thanks in advance


Hello @meryembal!

Thank you for writing, we are happy to have you here on the platform.

Pronunciation for any language can be difficult, and it requires a lot of flexibility and listening.
As I can see from your profile, you are not yet enrolled with us for English courses or ‘Live Lessons’. Live Lessons are very adaptable because even though Chatterbug uses both British and American English, you could select a tutor who speaks British English, or even inform your tutor that this is your preference.
Pronunciation can definitely be improved through listening, speaking, and even reading. The exercises here on Chatterbug incorporate all three, and more.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need help adjusting your subscription!

Kind regards,



Thank you @AryoryKarakus for answering me.

I didn’t enroll with you yet cuz I’ve just started to learn English again and I don’t organize my time to learn… I’m a little bit disturbed this moment but I will check them.

Thanks you @AryoryKarakus for you recommendations💙


Hi @meryembal! :yum:

This is a great question. In English it is not only the accents that differ but the dialects as well! :sweat: It can get very confusing at times.

I support what @AryoryKarakus said about the live lessons. These sessions will give you the opportunity to choose your own tutors and work one-on-one with them. :blush: You have the freedom to practice pronunciation and dialect at your own time, and also ask any questions that you might have.

You are more than welcome to book a free Live Lesson and experience the Chatterbug platform to its fullest degree. :nerd_face: :star2: