Writing Practice Entries

Good evening everybody,

I am new to Chatterbug, I have done my first online lesson and I am considering a subscription. I have a question related to Writing practice entries. Are these reviewed by teachers/tutors at some point? I have the feeling to write in a blackhole.

Thank you.


Hi @iam_jgr !

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: :tada: !

At the moment, we don’t offer the writing corrections feature.
If you want to have a feedback, you can ask your tutor during the Live Lesson. You can copy and paste your writing in the chat and ask your questions directly :slightly_smiling_face:.



You can also make use of the forum by posting questions and engaging in discussions in your target language including the hashtag #correctionswelcome

That way, active forum users immediately see that you’re interested in improving your grammar/sentence structure/spelling and might help you with some corrections! :v:


Thank you both for your answer. I am a little disappointed to be honest, it would have been great if it could be re-considered in the future.

For instance, writing exercices at Busuu are reviewed by the community but you don’t need to open a new thread and copy/paste, it’s automatic. Just my thoughts.

Have a nice day.