Yasmin from Germany

Hallöchen !

My name is Yasmin and I live in Munich :pretzel:
I moved here four years ago to study law.
I used to live in a small city near the border of France and Switzerland.

I speak German, English and I also speak Persian, because I’m half Iranian!

In my free time I really like to meet with friends, visiting new cities during day trips and I love making music :notes: I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 10 years old and I really like to sing!
Oh and I also have a little dog named Coco, she is the one thing I love the most in this world.

Besides that, I love meeting with new people and learning about different cultures, and I usually really like talking haha!
That’s why I’m really glad to be a part of Chatterbug and I’m looking forward to meet with you guys in the virtual classroom!

Stay safe!

Yasmin :relaxed:


Welcome at Chatterbug, @YasminY. We are happy to have you with us!


Hey ! Thank you very much ! I’m also glad to be here !

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Hi Yasmin,
nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:
Cheers, Melanie


Aww how cute the name Coco :dog: Welcome @YasminY :blush:


Hi Yasmin :smiley: great to have you on Chatterbug! :sunflower: :100: :sparkles:


Nice to meet you too, Melanie ! :slight_smile:

Hallo Yasmin, thank you very much for the lesson. How do l book another live lesson with you.


Hi ! :slight_smile: I just sent you a message! If you have more questions then feel free to ask away :slight_smile: