"Yo amo" vs "me encanta"

I still don’t quite understand the difference between these two so I often just merge them together :slight_smile:

Can I say “Yo amo la comida Italiana” or “Me encanta la comida Italiana”. Can they be used interchangeably? In what cases is one preferred over the other?

Thanks in advance!

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I use them interchangeably all the time, with a small variant: I almost never use “Yo”. Just saying “Amo la comida italiana” implies first person singular and is enough to communicate that you’re talking about yourself.

The only situation I can think of where MAAAAAYBE I wouldn’t use them interchangeably is when talking with a romantic partner. “Te amo” feels a bit more serious than “Me encantas”. But even then it’s kind of :man_shrugging:. I feel that if you’re comfortable enough in your relationship to say “Me encantas”, you’re probably fine saying “Te amo” as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


No sabía cómo expresarlo, pero me encanta esa respuesta.


Jajaja :laughing: gracias @SKrausser

I use the too expressions interchangeable but when you want to tell someone your feelings and you want something serous you better say “ te amo” Instead of “Me encantas”. When talking in general both are ok. “Amo esta serie”. “ me encanta esta serie”. It’s the same.

That’s a really interesting question @danielle!
In Spain when we love something, we only say me encanta.
The verb “amar” is barely used, and the only context would be to express true love to your family and partner, so only with people! But there’s a difference in use among Spanish speaking countries.
When loving people, in Latinamerica is very common to use te amo. However a Spaniard would almost never say te amo, (not even to our families sometimes!) and if they say it, it’s because they really really mean it! Feel privileged if a Spaniard says te amo to you! :joy: Instead they’ll just say te quiero (I want you).