Your favorite German word

I lately listened to a podcast and they spoke about disappointment. In german disappointment is Enttäuschung and the guy mentioned that when you take the word apart it says: Das Ende der Täuschung (the end of the illusion). I never thought about this and for me the word always meant something negative, now I see it the other way around and like the word pretty much :wink:


Wow, that’s really interesting @CristinaK! I think breaking the words down can make them easier to remember, and you end up learning 2 or 3 words for the price of one! :smile:

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It’s so funny that German has a lot of words to express that you don’t care about something:

  • Das ist mir Wurst.
  • Das ist mir Bockwurst.
  • Das juckt mich nicht.
  • Was interessiert es den Mond, wenn der Hund ihn anbellt?

Do you know more expressions? What do you say in your region?


Ich höre immer Serien oder Filme: “es ist mir egal” oder “Na, und?”. Sehr umgangssprachlich.

There are so many good suggestions for a favorite German word mentioned here!
I also like the words: Schnapsidee, Fernweh and Vorfreude very much, because they exist only in German and describe the situation but so well!