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Inseparable verbs

I said very proudly in my Live Lesson: Ich stehe das nicht ver. And my tutor corrected me. I thought verbs with prefixes had to be separated. I'm so confused!
Oh, that's such a logical mistake! When we talked about separable verbs, I didn't mention that not all prefixes have to be separated.
How am I supposed to distinguish those?
Very easy. When you learn a new compound verb, pay attention to the stress.
Separable verbs are stressed in the first syllable, just like the word "separable", inseparable verbs are stressed in the second syllable, just like the word "inseparable".
Wow, that's way easier than I had expected!
Great! You can give it a try whenever you hear a new verb.
Verstehen, einkaufen, verkaufen, erzählen... This is fun!