Berlin - favorite spots

Hallo Leute,

I’m sure we do not only share the love for language but for sure the interest in traveling around Germany.

So here’s my question to

  • People from / living in Berlin: What are your fav spots to hang out? Where do you take all your friends and family to when they’re visiting??
  • People who’ve visited Berlin already: What did you like most about it?

I’m in Berlin often and I can’t stop exploring this amazing city. So I’m really looking forward to read some insider tips. I start sharing some of my favorite spots here:

Sehenswürdigkeiten (Sight seeing)

  • One of the best touristy things I’ve done in Berlin so far was a tour with Berliner Unterwelten. They take you to the underground of Berlin, I especially enjoyed the tour about the secret tunnels between former East and West Germany.

Bars & Restaurants

  • A friend if mine said, that whenever he has people visiting he takes them to the Monkey Bar because of the view over the Zoo.


  • Karaoke at Mauerpark! A lovely colleague of mine took me there and I absolutely loved the vibe there. We sat in the sun, had a beer and enjoyed people from all over the world singing songs.

Hi, @kjanina!

Nice idea! I’ve been meaning to go to the Berliner Unterwelten for some time now, maybe I’ll do it next weekend if the weather’s not nice :slight_smile:.

I’m not from Berlin, but I’ve been living here for about 2 years now and I do have my favourite spots!

  • LADENKINO. This is my favourite cinema in Berlin. It’s in Friedrichshain and it has a very special vibe. It’s like sitting in your grandma’s living room while watching something on TV and sipping on tea (or wine maybe? :wink:)

  • VOLKSPARK FRIEDRICHSHAIN. I just love this park! I go running there almost every morning. At the beginning I got lost all the time, but now I have it figured out. Be sure to go to the Märchenbrunnen. It’s magical!

  • VEGAN 1990. If you’re vegan and want to have the best food ever, go to this plate. I love that they have a lot of different Asian tapas you can share with friends :slight_smile:.

Can’t wait to hear other tips!


Before the summer is over, make sure you check out the most beautiful Biergarten in Berlin!

Great sunset view! One of the best outdoor places for sure!


@kjanina thanks for sharing! I think I will take my parents to the Berliner Unterwelten tour on their visit this weekend!

Some of my favorite Berlin spots:

Bars & Restaurants

  • As @stefanierambow mentioned, Vegan1990 is one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin. I would like to add Soy to the list of delicious vegan restaurants though, as it is definitely on par with 1990.

  • For a great view and cool vibe, I suggest Klunkerkranich rooftop bar in Neukölln. It is super discreet, as it is on the top of a shopping mall. They also play a lot of great tunes, as well as have live music there often.

  • Crackers is also a really great restaurant near Friedrichstrasse. Again, a very discreet entrance, which gives you a feeling that you know about something that most do not. They have a vegan sister restaurant called Cookies Cream that I have been dying to try.

Things to do

  • I have been in Berlin for nearly 6 years now, and finally went on the Alternative Berlin walking tour last year, and I really enjoyed it! It goes through a bit of Mitte and Kreuzberg and talks about the street art scene, as well as how these neighborhoods were pre-gentrification. If you have a visitor, I def suggest checking it out!

  • Open Air parties! When I first moved to Berlin, this was one of the things I loved about Berlin summers. There are so many outdoor parties in random spots of the city, with DJ’s playing amazing music. You can find these via Facebook events or word of mouth.

  • Karaoke in Mauerpark is also one of my favorite past times. We used to go there nearly every Sunday to have a beer, soak up the sun, and listen to people nail/bomb a song! It’s always a great crowd and if you are in Berlin on a Sunday, a must!

That’s all I have for now. If you need any restaurant suggestions just ask! Like I said, I have been in Berlin for nearly 6 years now and I have eaten at A LOT of restaurants :smiley:.


Thanks for all those amazing tips!

  • I must say that I really love Berliner Unterwelten myself, and they have tours in so many languages it’s perfect for everyone! I’ve sent so many of my friends and family there, they all came back amazed!

  • Since it’s Berlin, I’d recommend a nice kebap: Gemüse Kebap in Kastanienallee 102 - to me, it’s the best kebap of Berlin. :burrito:

  • If you’re looking for something sweeter: Zeit für Brot has the most marvelous Schokoschnecke one can do (and they also have stores in Hamburg, Köln and Frankfurt!), and Kauf dich Glücklich do great waffles amid selling clothes and house products. Luckily, they’re everywhere in Germany so wherever you travel you can have a waffle-stop. :plate_with_cutlery:

  • The Botanical Garden of Berlin is one of my favorite place here. It’s so big, peaceful and relaxing. Make sure to go in July for the Botanische Nacht, you get to walk at sundown among the trees and flowers, there’s food carts everywhere and a light and sound show at midnight. It’s really romantic too :green_heart:

  • Finally, I’ll suggest going to Nikolaiviertel. It took me 2 years to go and I was not disappointed. This place is just gorgeous! Go there in winter too, when you can meander in the Christmas market while drinking a Glühwein or a heiße Schokolade :coffee:

Viel Spaß!!


I am sooo looking forward to my next stay in Berlin! Keep the recommendations coming people! :slight_smile:


Hey kjanina,

I’ve been living in Berlin a few years now and thought I’d also share my favorite hangout spots.

The Landwehrkanal is a canal which separates Kreuzberg and Neukölln, two interesting districts in Berlin. During the summer, you can find many people hanging out drinking beer at the waters edge with their friends. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants along the canal as well.

Continuing with the water theme, Holzmarkt is a community space run by the same people who own Katerblau, the club next door to it. It is directly on the Spree and has plenty of space to hang among the gardens overlooking the river. You can bring your own drinks but its great to support the local businesses and artists which live and work in the community by buying the food and drinks sold there.

I also love Park am Gleisdreieck. It used to be a an old train crossing/station and is now an spacious park wonderful for late afternoon picnics.

Its summer now so I could only think of things nice to do when the weather is warm. Maybe in the winter I will post again with my favorite winter spots :slight_smile:


First of all, I love Berlin’s diversity and all the different cuisines. When I’m in Berlin I always grab a donut at Brammibal’s Donuts (best (vegan) donuts! My favorite disitricts are Pankow and Mitte, sometimes I just wander around. Mauerpark is also a great spot, especially on Sundays.
Visiting museums is a great idea for grey days. My favs are: the Museum für Naturkunde and Museum für Technik.


Hi there,

thought I also write a bit about my highlights in Berlin.
Since some of you already know the Berliner Unterwelten, you might want to explore Berlin Wedding a bit more?
In case you became hungry + love great archicteture you should try “Baldon”:

update 2022. Baldon is closed since december 2021 :disappointed:
They didn#t make it thru the pandemic :mask:

…not sure if the website is available in English?..another possibility to practice German :wink:
Or you go to Café Pförtner and have your lunch in an old BVG Bus

Dilek has great cakes on the weekends in her small little Café called “Dilekerei”

…and for the shopoholics (is that a word? lol) there is an outlet store from “Kauf dich glücklich” in Gerichtstr.:

Opposite you’ll get a great Burger and Steaks at “Louis Alfons”

Think that might keep you busy for now :wink:



Hallo zusammen,
a bit on short notice, but for those of you living in Berlin and who like art I have a weekend tip:

The artists in Gerichstraße are in constant danger now to loose their spaces, because the Gesobau ( a Wohnungsbaugesellschaft = housing association ) would like to turn the place into student apartments.
My artclass teacher - Andrea Walgren - is one of the artists.
Wishing everybody- no matter there- a very nice weekend.


If you guys need a break from the big city life, you can go check out “Lübars”.
A horse village in the very north of Berlin.
You take the S2 until Waidmannslust and then you have to take the bus until Lübars.
I recommend the “Eisdiele Angelina” and then just take a stroll through the town.
You will see a lot of horses and you Will definitely not feel like you are in a metropoly.
I passed my childhood there with my horse and enjoyed it so much.


A lot to celebrate this month in Berlin Janina. Maybe you’re here again and would like to check this out?


Hi Janina and everybody else.
I postet something before about the artists and craftsmen at in Berlin Wedding.
They have an event coming up thursday next week
Sorry about the bad quality of my “scan” :neutral_face::wink:
…if you enjoy art or secret places in Berlin you might wanna check this out :blush:

More from the artists on december:


Awesome @Germanlady! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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… a bit late now :roll_eyes:…but in case you are in Berlin and don’t know what to do this (!) afternoon maybe you wanna come by :wink:
I might be there too :wheelchair: :thinking: :mask: :wink:


Hi @kjanina,

since it’s still difficult to go and see something indoors. Here’s an idea for outdoor:

My picture gives you an idea too, where in Berlin the place is :wink:.



Dear Chatterbug Community,
what a nice idea to talk about lovely places in Berlin. I want to recommend another place. It is called Havelchaussee. It is a street through the Grunewald. The BVG send old busses on the line 218. Busses which drove in my childhood. You can take one and follow the line. You can get out of the bus at the station “Schildhorn” and go for a nice walk. Don’t forget your swimsuit, there is an amazing beach! There is also a playground for children. When you get hungry you can eat in the Hotel, or you walk to the ship “Alte Liebe”. Look at the links and get inspired! All the best Ciao Danielaxxx!
Restaurant “Alte Liebe”


Hi everyone,
I was lucky to study in Berlin many years ago, before the wall came down. One of my all time favourite places - and it still exits - is the Biergarden Golgatha in the Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg. Great Atmosphere, great views, relaxed atmosphere… exactly what you’re looking for on a warm summer evenig…


Starting from this month, every first Sunday in the month is free of charge ( Eintritt frei! ) for some museums in Berlin.
Check it out here:

This place is not free of charge, but very funny. Some German knowledge would be good though:

Oh how nice that is!! :heart_eyes:

This thread is going to be very useful for me. In a week I am going to visit Berlin with one of my friends! Thanks a lot to everyone for sharing such great tips and places! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: