Can my employer pay for my Chatterbug subscription?

Yes! Most companies are happy to sponsor language learning for their employees - especially a flexible and effective solution like Chatterbug. It’s a great way for them to improve communication, confidence and cohesion in the team, and the best part? You get to learn for free!

Chatterbug makes it easy for your employer to pay for your subscription. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Ask your employer to open a Chatterbug for Business account
  • If your employer has agreed to pay your language learning costs directly, they can do this themselves with a Chatterbug for Business account.
  • The Chatterbug learning experience is exactly the same for you, but your employer pays and manages the billing via an admin account. They can easily invite more employees to learn with Chatterbug, too!
    1. Send your boss or HR team the link to our Business Homepage:
    2. Ask them to contact us via the ‘get in touch’ button
    3. We’ll do the rest! As soon as your employer is set up, we’ll invite you to their account and free Live Lesson credits will magically appear in your dashboard! If you’re already learning with Chatterbug, your progress will remain intact

Learn more about Chatterbug for Business here: What is Chatterbug for Business?

  1. Pay for Chatterbug yourself and have your employer reimburse the cost
  • If your employer offers a learning & development budget or has agreed to reimburse personal language learning costs, you can add your employer’s business address to your monthly invoices so that they can book these properly:
    1. Head to ‘Organization’ in your Chatterbug Account Setttings:
    2. Enter your employer’s company name and address and hit ‘Update Organization Information’
    3. All future and past invoices will now include your employer’s address. Find them here:
    4. Click on the ‘Invoice ID’ link and choose ‘Download PDF’
    5. Send the invoice to your boss or HR team so they can reimburse you :money_mouth_face:
    6. Should your employer require any further documents (e.g. proof of enrolment), please let us know via and we’ll prepare these for you

It didn’t work even though I changed the organization settings.

Hi @tiberica , I’ve add your employer’s business address to your monthly invoices. When adding the address in your organization settings, it’s necessary to be a bit careful with the formatting. If there’s an extra space or comma at the end of one of the lines, the address doesn’t get passed on to our payment handler’s site. We can always do it manually, though, if you find it hasn’t worked first time :wink:

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