What is Chatterbug for Business?

Chatterbug for Business makes it easy for companies to provide language learning on Chatterbug to their employees.

For Learners, the Chatterbug experience is the same: they can take Live Lessons and do self-study using their own Chatterbug profile, but they don’t need to pay themselves. The payment and billing is handled by their employer, who can log into their Admin Dashboard to manage and pay for multiple Learners under one account.

Admin Users are free of charge (unless they’d like to learn, too!) and can easily invite / remove Learners, see their progress and tweak subscription plans / options at any time. Chatterbug will consolidate the billing for all of the Learners into one simple monthly invoice, which can be paid via Credit Card or SEPA.

Could your company benefit from Chatterbug for Business? Encourage your boss or HR team to get in touch with us via our Business Homepage and we’ll get them set up in no time!