Chatterbug Live - German Game Day (A2+) Oct 5, 2021

Hey German Learners!

After our success with our new Game Day format in September, we will be hosting our next Game Day on Zoom again in October so that anyone can join in the fun!

During this 45-minute event we will have a game-show style competition, all in German. You can choose how much you’d like to participate, whether it is only via the interactive quiz tool, or actually by showing off your speaking skills, it’s completely up to you!

Test your German skills and random knowledge for the chance to win prizes! And don’t be afraid to show us your competitive side. :wink: Game Day will be for all levels, with the focus on beginner - intermediate learners.

Join us next Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 18:00 CEST on Zoom - meeting link will be shared here on the day.

See you there!


Last time was really fun :hugs: :star_struck:! I’ll definitely join this time.

Last month was great fun, and I learnt a lot!
Let me clear my schedule! I’ll be there! :grin:

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Looking forward to another great German Game Day! :star_struck:

*not a German word … yet. :grin:


I hope to be able to be there! Sounds like a lot of fun!


This is supposed to start in 4 mins, will it happen? What’s the link?

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Hi @pmatos we usually share the link via e-mail. I’ll share it directly to you in minute :slight_smile:.

I need a link too please! send me one if you got some left

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I sent the link to both of you @Lennythesecond and @pmatos, privately in a message :hugs:. Please check your e-mail even spam.

Hope to see you there!

Shame I didn’t make it. The original post by @Maddy11 says “meeting link will be shared here on the day.”

If it’s by email, how can I register for the next one?

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hey @pmatos, sorry about that! Next time we will make sure to share the link earlier. But, in the meantime you can register for our mailing list here - . We send out reminder emails (with links :wink: ) every month.

We hope to see you at the next one!