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German Practice Online!

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Since we are unable to meet in person at the moment, we've decided to help bring everyone together online a couple times a month to help connect, have fun and learn German.

Register for Chatterbug Live!

Interested in joining us for Chatterbug Live? Register for our attendee list here.

Please be aware that these online lessons will include some English speaking as well as the target language.

  • Chatterhangs

    Every 3rd Wednesdy of the Month at 6pm CET


    On the third Wednesday of every month we will gather virtually via Zoom to practice our German speaking skills at Chatterhangs. This is a casual environment to help you feel relaxed and make some new German-speaking friends! In small breakout groups we will enjoy some guided conversations around light-hearted topics. We will also have several native German speakers joining the event to help when you get stuck. This event is for levels B1+ so we can keep the conversation going! Register above for "Chatterbug Live" to receive the link!

Why Chatterbug?

  • One on One Lessons
    One on One Lessons
    We believe that speaking practice is the most effective way to learn a language. Chatterbug's method centers on private video lessons with hand-picked tutors from around the world.
  • Integrated Curriculum
    Integrated Curriculum
    Our method features a fully integrated curriculum crafted by our teachers and language learning experts to prepare and guide you through your live sessions. Never struggle for what to talk about.
  • Get Certified
    Get Certified
    For every finished level you get an official CEFR certification to prove your language proficiency to your employer or school. Finish in half the time it takes with an in-person language school.

Catchup on previous lessons over on our YouTube Channel!

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