David from Hamburg, Germany

New schedule for classes in April

Feel free to send me a message anytime :blush:, if you want to book a lesson on a specific day. Looking forward to seeing each of you very soon

Hello there :wave:
I’m David from Hamburg, Germany.

I’ve been a language tutor for 5 years now. Teaching mainly German and English. I joined Chatterbug in 2020 and have since had so many great and inspiring conversations and experiences. In theses ever-changing times it’s truly a joy and a pleasure to get to know new people almost every single day, people who share the curiosity and passion for leaning a new language and who truly motivate me.

What i’m up to

I am currently studying International Relations and Economic Policy with a minor in English Studies and linguistics, focusing on public International law. :united_nations:

Through an early contact with the English language, American parents and multiple stays abroad, as well as subsequent contact and internships in different countries, I have been fortunate to develop a close relationship not only to English and my native german, but most importantly to people from around the globe. :earth_americas:

I’m in frequent exchange with people from different cultures and backgrounds through university programs and private engagements. Namely wildlife conservation + space travel advocacy. I know it sounds so nerdy, but trust me it makes for good conversation starters at parties. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed:

Why i’m passioned about languages

I’ve studied Spanisch for some years and am currently leaning French, therefore i’m confident to say that: i know the struggles, ups and downs, but mainly the joys and exhilarating feeling of learning a new language. The reward of slowly being able to master the first words, then being able to utter sentences and eventually, to actually be able, to have a conversation.

I hope I can pass on some of this excitement to you. :smile: Help you in your quest of learning, studying or mastering a new language :grin: and be a accommodating, supportive and thoughtful tutor and teacher on your personal journey

Looking forward to chatting with you soon

__ Live Lesson outside my schedule?__
Do you want to book a special time slot/appointment that is not available in my weekly schedule? Feel free to message me directly on my profile and I will see if I can open up a Live Lesson for you at that time.


Hi David, nice to meet you :smiley:


Moin David!
Peace Research sounds very interesting, welcome to Chatterbug!

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Thanks. Really didn’t expect that there would be such a lovely community on here. Love the forum, still figuring everything out and eagerly expecting to teach more lessons and to talk to students and fellow tutors


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community David! :stars:

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Great to meet you David! I don’t see any available dates in your agenda for the next weeks, nor any way to message you? Looking forward to having more classes with you.

Thank you. Nice meeting you too and connecting with you! Happy to welcome you to the chatterbug community.
Im still in the process of moving into my new apartment and will open up lessons again, starting on the 4th of November. If you have any questions in the meantime or in general, feel free to write an open question in the forum, respond to me directly here or get in touch with the support.
Chat to you soon


Good luck with the move, @DavidBernhardt! And thanks for updating your profile above. Are you staying in beautiful Hamburg?

Thank you! @kjanina The move went well and im slowly settling into my new surroundings. I’ve moved from Hamburg to Erfurt for my studies in international relations and public policy and am very much looking forward to get back into my Chatterbug routine.

Happy and Prosperous New Year. Looking forward to having more classes with you.


Thank you. Same to you, hope you have a great start into the new year. Happy to accompany you on your language learning journey.

Hi David,
I hope you are doing well! I got back to my study and would love to have classes with you (last year we used to have 3-4 classes a month and I found it very useful).
Once or twice a week would be perfect for me.
Are there any opportunities to set it up?

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Hey Nikita,
Really nice to hear from you again. Glad seeing your back studying German. Im currently in the process of setting up my regular weekly schedule again, after being on vacation in march. (Will have it fully up by Wednesday) If you can’t find a perfect time by then or want to set up a different lesson on another day feel free to message me again with some times that fit you.

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Thank you so much David!

Hey David, im super sorry, but today I can’t join the class. I don’t want to cancel, so you can have this class. i see you next week.

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No worries, Thank you so much for writing in.
For future reference, you can cancel a lesson within 24 hours before with half a credit deducted from your account or less than 90 minutes ahead of time with a full lesson credit. Meaning, that I will still get compensated accordingly and it makes it easier for both.
Looking forward to seeing you again next week! :blush:

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Hi David!

I hoe you are well!

Could you please let me know whether you will be available this and the next week?

Thanks a lot!

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Hey, sorry for the confusion. Im unfortunately not feeling too well and will not be teaching any classes this week. I hope to recover soon and adjust my schedule for the following week and definitely teach live lessons then.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
If you have any questions, im still available to answer anything that comes up.

Greetings, David

Hi David,
Sorry to hear that!
I wish you a speedy recovery!

Hallo David,
Hast du nächsten Montag oder Freitag Unterricht?

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