False friends: A funny way to learn!

In this topic, @27sp.sandra pointed out some funny false friends between English and Spanish.

False friends are such a beautiful way to learn a new language. You use them once and never again. The other meaning of this similar word in the language you learn will always be in your head :wink:

What was your funniest situation using false friends?


For me it was not really a “false friend” situation but “begginer that can’t hear well” situation.

When I moved to Germany , after a week or 2, I was driving with a friend through the city and I saw the signal “Rathaus” and I asked my friend what was the meaning of that word ( because I was already thinking germans wouldn’t name a place “house of rats” hahahaha) .

Thing is, that my friend didn’t know how to explain it and the only thing that came to her mind was : That’s were Der Bürgermeister works.

I was amazed and my friend asked me if I knew Der Bürgermeister , to which I answer :


After 4 years, she keeps reminding me of that mistake…Specially when we drink…

Do you want some Bürgermeister, Stef ? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


I’m with @stefdival :blush: German has given me also a lot of funny moments. One day I was walking with a friend and I saw a beautiful swan :swan:. Unfortunately, when I expressed myself in German instead of saying Schwan I said: “Oh wie schön! Guck mal, dort ist die Schwein :pig2::laughing:. I’ll never forget the difference :see_no_evil:.