Spanish false friends

Usually, some words that may sound the same, but their meaning can be totally different. It is important to know them in order to avoid an embarrassing moment or a misunderstanding sometimes :sweat_smile:.

For example, we have the word éxito and it’s something you can wish to someone :upside_down_face:. No worries you would not be wishing someone to exit the place, but success:

Te deseo éxito en tu nuevo trabajo → I wish you success in your new job :crossed_fingers:.

What about the word “carpeta”? Well, you may hear someone in the office saying “Olvidé la carpeta” :pensive:. In this case, he/ she is not redecorating the office, but he/she forgot a folder.

Encontré mi carpeta :card_index_dividers: → I found my folder.

Last but not least, be careful with the word “soportar”. If you say something like “no te puedo soportar” you may be hurting someone’s feelings :cry:. But why? In Spanish “soportar” does not mean to support, instead, it means to stand something or someone. If you want to support your friend then you need to use the verb “apoyar”.

Lo siento, no te puedo apoyar → I’m sorry I can’t support you :worried:.
Lo siento, no te soporto → I’m sorry I can’t stand you :triumph:.

If you would like to check up some more here is the link to an awesome article that explains as well the most common false friends.

Which false friend do you use the most? :thinking:


The other day one of my students said to me : estoy embarazado :pregnant_woman:t5:… For a moment, I tried to understand by myself what he meant and I ended up asking him to say it in English…

He said : Oh, what I am trying to say is that I am embarrased.

Now that I look at that list it seems it is a pretty common mistake hahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: .


That’s a common one :joy: :joy: ! I had also a student telling me a story about his “papa” and although I understood, it was odd to hear like he was talking about his potato, instead of his father :grin:.


One of my friends said at a party:
“No quiero bailar con esa chica, puede ser que al fin se siente embarazada.” :rofl:


Haha very interesting! Personally I always find it funny to hear “debil” and actually I avoid using it because in French “débile” is rather insulting :sweat_smile:
If I say “tu es débile !” to someone it means “eres un idiota!