Grammar for your Fridge

Hi Everyone!

I’m Helena and I am a graphic designer here at Chatterbug. A large part of my day to day is creating all those Live Lesson images you interact with during your lessons. Though I grew up speaking German, I know from learning Spanish and French how hard mastering grammar is. As a visual person, I love using colorful charts and tables to remember different language rules. Our Live Lesson images are full of pictures with wonderfully condensed information, perfect for printing out and hanging on your fridge or on the back of your bathroom door. I decided that when I make an image that I think would be helpful for mastering German, I would post it here. Also, if anyone has requests of grammar topics they want illustrated, please let me know! I am happy to make your german language learning more colorful!


The first one I wanted to post came up in another thread, Der, die, das - Tricks?, posted by @johan who shared a screenshot of an image about rules to follow for the German articles:


Ihr, ihr, Ihr, ihre!? It can mean so many things! Heres a chart to help you figure out how it can be used


More grammar for your fridge! Heres a chart to help with prefixes and suffixes. Did you know that diminutives in German change depending on the region?


Yay! I love the “Grammar for your Fridge” forum :relaxed::purple_heart:


I really enjoy the design of the exercises during the live lessons, today I saw the little horse at the Burgfest, really lovely, congratulations for your work, very helpful for the students and the tutors