How do you maximize your screen time?

Watching movies and series is a great past-time, but do you feel guilty that you’re not practicing your target language enough while doing it? I know I definitely used watching movies as an essential piece of ‘homework’ for German class. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just wanted to share some Google Chrome extension that have helped me maximize my screen time in order to remember what I hear in shows on Netflix and YouTube!

  • Language Learning with Netflix has a built-in dictionary to look up words in real-time and has the option to view a show with double-language subtitles.

  • App for Language is a similar extension that allows you to save vocabulary and phrases from YouTube and Netflix videos. They also have the option to view video with double-language subtitles.

Are there some hacks you use to get the most out of watching a show/ movie?


Thank you, @JoAnn, for these recommendations :blush:. I usually just use the subtitles to get to discover more vocabulary, but I’ll definitely will try your suggestions :ok_hand:.


These extensions are amazing @JoAnn – thank you for sharing!! Although my current level of French is less like Lupin and more like Peppa Cochon :laughing: