Introducing Beekeeper: Amandine

Let’s get to know Amandine!

Place of Origin

I was born in the suburbs of Paris in a big tower in the middle of concrete, then my family moved to a small village near Versailles, in the middle of cows :wink:

Place of Residence

I moved to Nantes in Brittany a few months ago.

Languages spoken and how you learned them

I learned English and Spanish at school and then I lived in Scotland (10 years ago!) and in Spain (last year). When I lived in Berlin in 2017, I took intensive courses at a language school so I have a (very) basic level of German. (+ When I was in university, I also studied Japanese but I have almost forgotten everything since then!)

When did you start tutoring with Chatterbug?

I started tutoring for French in June 2018 (at the time, the French course was under construction and I tested the first exercises!)

What is your favorite place in the world and why?

I love to travel and live abroad! Every time I move, I tend to tell myself that the city I just left was the best haha! But there are always new things to discover!
If I had to choose just one place it would probably be Sheffield in the north of England. This city is not only a place but a very precious time for me. I did my Erasmus (university exchange) there and these months of total freedom are irreplaceable :slight_smile:

Amandine’s Favorite Food

Eating is one of my favorite activities and you can count on me to recommend at least one good place to eat in the cities I have visited. My favorite food is Indian food, I think I could eat curry and naan every day! But if I have to choose a less famous dish, I would say brussel sprouts with bacon. I know that not many people like these adorable little sprouts but I have already managed to change some people’s minds with my mother’s recipe. The sprouts are first cooked in water and when they are tender they are caramelized with lardons and onions in a frying pan: melting on the inside and crispy and smoked on the outside. Miam !

3 Fun Facts about Amandine

  1. I don’t know how to drive but quite regularly I have a nightmare where I’m driving a car and I don’t know how to stop or park it! (I think it’s a sign to enroll in driving school…!)
  2. I played Mme de Tourvel in an adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the Avignon theater festival in 2015.
  3. When I was younger, I collected paper napkins and displayed them in a folder with the date and name of the restaurant (when I told you that eating is my passion…)

How do you motivate students?

I’m always super focused on the lesson and the student so that they feel confident and heard. I’m also very expressive (with my words and my face!) so when I think they’re doing a good job, it shows!

What is your favorite Chatterbug moment?

Lots of great moments! When I mime something with all my energy and the student’s face suddenly lights up: “I get it!”. When a student shares with me elements of his culture (foooood <3) or teaches me something interesting! When a student I know well books a lesson after a long break and I feel like we’re going to have a good catchup!

Say hello to @Amandine!


When I was younger, I collected paper napkins and displayed them in a folder with the date and name of the restaurant (when I told you that eating is my passion…)

It’s a very funny and unsual hobby @Amandine!! Do you still have them? :wink:


Hi, Amandine :blush:

¡Un placer conocerte! I also had nightmares about driving :sweat_smile: but after learning how to drive it all comes easier now, still I get nervous sometimes. If you give it a try just give it time :yum:.


Driving here in Ecuador sometimes is a real nightmare jajajaja


Wouahou Festival d’Avignon ! It’s one of the world’s greatest! I am so impressed, Amandine! You must be a very good actress indeed! Lucky French students ^^


Haha yes I found the folder at my parents’ house not long ago (that’s why I thought of it as a fun fact!) :smile: