I've requested to never see an exercise again, but it keeps showing up

I’ve done the exercise 3 times, I have two recordings for it, and yet it says I’ve only seen it once and it keeps putting it in my review session. I’ve clicked at least 3 or 4 times now “never show me this exercise again”, but it keeps coming up. How do I actually get this exercise to never show up? It’s from unit 3, B1, and it’s flash cards where you have to explain words and then guess them.

Hi @onedncr,

Thanks for your message. Your previous lesson was a Review Lesson, which is why you saw exercises you’d done before. This post explains how to avoid review lessons if you’d prefer.

Could you tell me a little bit more about the content of the exercise you mentioned so I can identify it and make sure it’s marked as completed?


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Hey Sam –

Thanks for your response. I don’t have a problem with review lessons; I actually think they’re really important! I have a problem with a particular exercise in a review lesson. It’s from Unit 3. And even in the Review lesson I can choose to discard an exercise and add another or “never show me this exercise again”.

Are you saying that I can choose that button but it won’t be honored because it’s a review lesson? I’m assuming if I select that option for one particular exercise, I shouldn’t be showed it ever again, even in a review lesson.


HI Tracy,

It would normally work if both you and the tutor have marked it as completed. Can you please tell me exactly what exercise it was, so I can check it out?



“Tabu umgekehrt” - B1 Unit 3. It says I’ve seen it once, but if you click it says twice (Dec 12 and Dec 28) and I’ve actually also done it a third time where there’s no video. I’ve clicked “I never want to see this exercise again” maybe 6 times because I’ve done it more than any other exercise, but it keeps showing up. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll look into it and make sure it’s checked as complete for you.

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